Learn the business of food

Get Set Workshop

Dig into the idea for your new food business with this engaging workshop. Whether you're exploring a new food-based venture or propelling an existing one to greater heights, a Get Set Workshop perfect for getting you pointed in the right direction. Dive into entrepreneurship, learn about the challenges, and draft a plan for launch.

This workshop offers a low-commitment opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are also exploring a food-based business.  

The cost is $5 Per person. Upon attending you will receive $5 back to you by way of a Flint Farmers' Market gift card.

Upcoming Dates

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2024 Food Entrepreneur Workshops

Are you an food entrepreneur? Someone already working under the Cottage Food Law? Someone with an idea?  If you have a business concept that is ready to be explored, or if you have already started and you're searching for direction and a better understanding of running a successful venture, FoodStarters is for YOU. The one essential element is that you have a concept that you are ready and willing to share and grow in a collaborative environment.nd thriving small business.

What is FoodStarters?

We are specifically looking for entrepreneurs that are interested in further developing their business idea for food related consumer packaged goods and/or value-added food products. This series of workshops are designed to immerse you in your business concept as you learn how to develop an idea into a successful venture. Specifically, FoodStarters is designed for the food-based entrepreneur that is looking for guidance in navigating the rules and regulations surrounding a foodservice type of business as well as the unique challenges they will face in developing, licensing, marketing, selling that product. 

FoodStarters workshops are offered as single session experiences as well as a comprehensive 5-week cohort Check dates and times below. 

The Evolution of a Food Business

This workshop will cover the very early stages of starting a food-based business. We will discuss the refinement of a "concept" and how to focus on a product or service that is going to add value and be a benefit to a customer. The licensing process will be discussed as well as a starting discussion on profitability.

Tuesday, February 27th

5:45-8:15 pm

@The Flint Farmers' Market

Who's Hungry? Selling Your Food Product

This workshop will address basic marketing and promotion of a food product. We will discuss labeling guidelines, brand and identity and market research into your customer and competitors.

Tuesday, March 12th

5:45-8:15 pm

@The Flint Farmers' Market

Moving Food Around The Mitten: Packaging and Distribution

This workshop tops off all of your past efforts. You’ve conceived a great product and developed a brand…now what? It’s time to distribute. You will learn how to create sell sheets to market your product to large stores and local markets, hear from experts on innovative packaging ideas, and discuss ways to begin a reliable distribution. 

Tuesday, April 9th

5:45-8:15 pm

@The Flint Farmers' Market

Growing Out of Your Kitchen

This workshop will discuss how to plan for future growth and introduce more in-depth financial modeling to include in a formal business plan. Some basic accounting concepts will be introduced and record keeping will be emphasized. Working with a co-packer vs. establishing your own manufacturing facility will be addressed.  

Tuesday, May 21st

5:45-8:15 pm

@The Flint Farmers' Market

Ready, Set, Grow!

This workshop will wrap up all the previous concepts and dive into start-up and ongoing costs of running a food business. By the end of this workshop you should have a firm grasp on understanding basic accounting and bookkeeping principles. We will also discuss moving into a space of your own and how to navigate building leases and site plan reviews by regulators.

Thursday, November 7th      5:45-8:15 pm

@The Flint Farmers' Market

Fall 2024 FoodStarters Cohort

This will be a 5 week commitment and take place in September through October 2024. Each of the workshops above will be offered as a comprehensive course to a cohort of 12-15 food bases entrepreneurs. You will benefit from the direct interaction and cooperation with your fellow atendees. Build upon your idea or existing business and craft a clear plan for growth. Dates, times and cost will be announced soon. 

The cohort will be filled based on ability to commit to the entire 5 week session and a short application process.